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PY21W Osram Diadem. Produktové číslo výrobcu: 7507LDA

PY21W Osram Diadem

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Produktové informácie

PY21W Osram Diadem

Type: PY21W
Voltage: 12V
Nominal wattage: 21W
Test voltage: 13.5V
Max wattage: 25W
Luminous flux: 280lm
Base: BAU15s

Osram Diadem is the ideal choice for drivers who value the visual harmony of the spotlight with color compensation of the lamps and interior of the headlamp. This additional lighting is coated using state-of-the-art interference technology, meaning that, when at rest, its surface has an opalizing structure. This means that it can scarcely be distinguished from the silver headlamp background, does not generate any interfering color effects and, when switched off, is almost invisible. In particular in the case of indicator and tail lamps with a clear cover, this is an amazing design effect. Their long service life also guarantees additional attention: DIADEM indicator lamps will last for double the length of the standard painted lamps.

Číslo položky: 3007507LDA

Produktové číslo výrobcu: 7507LDA