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SV8.5 Osram Original. Produktové číslo výrobcu: 6411

SV8.5 Osram Original

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Produktové informácie

SV8.5 Osram Original

Type: SV8.5
Voltage: 12V
Nominal wattage: 10W
Test voltage: 13.5V
Max wattage: 10W
Luminous flux: 100lm
Base: SV8.5-8
Length: 36mm

Do you want a standard light solution which is actually better than the norm? Then the Osram Original Line halogen lamp is exactly what you want. Whether used as standard original equipment for cars or as a spare part, this lamps has already proven it's worth millions of times in the new models made by renowned car manufacturers. The lamps combines top quality and impressive brightness, a reliable service life and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Číslo položky: 3006411

Produktové číslo výrobcu: 6411